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List of Cities and Counties in Arkansas

Discover Arkansas population facts easily with our list of counties and cities. Find out how many people live in each area, from big cities to small towns, and see how Arkansas’s population is spread out across the state.

Arkansas Counties by Population

A county is an administrative subdivision of a US state or territory. As of 2022, Arkansas is divided into 75 counties. 

The average population of Arkansas counties is 40,345; Pulaski County is the most populous (397,821) and Calhoun County is the least (4,741). The average land area is 709 sq mi. The largest county is Union County (1,055 sq mi) and the smallest is Lafayette  County (545 sq mi).

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#CountyPopulation 2021Area (sq. mi.)
1Pulaski County397,821807.84
2Benton County293,692884.86
3Washington County250,057951.72
4Sebastian County128,400546.04
5Saline County125,233730.46
6Faulkner County125,106664.01
7Craighead County112,218712.98
8Garland County100,330734.57
9White County77,2071,042.36
10Lonoke County74,722802.43
11Jefferson County65,861913.7
12Pope County63,789830.79
13Crawford County60,378604.2
14Crittenden County47,525636.74
15Greene County46,317579.65
16Miller County42,649637.48
17Baxter County42,144586.74
18Mississippi County39,661919.73
19Union County38,3401,055.27
20Boone County37,830601.82
21Independence County37,723771.57
22Hot Spring County33,148622.16
23Carroll County28,435638.81
24Johnson County25,845682.74
25Cleburne County25,015591.91
26St. Francis County22,739642.4
27Columbia County22,672766.86
28Poinsett County22,660763.39
29Ouachita County22,306739.63
30Clark County21,321882.6
31Logan County21,215731.5
32Conway County20,873566.66
33Yell County20,155948.84
34Hempstead County19,694741.36
35Polk County19,353862.42
36Randolph County18,865656.04
37Ashley County18,674939.08
38Grant County18,090633.01
39Sharp County17,622606.35
40Franklin County17,173619.69
41Drew County17,110835.65
42Marion County16,978640.39
43Madison County16,960837.06
44Jackson County16,811641.45
45Arkansas County16,7221,033.79
46Cross County16,681622.33
47Lawrence County16,292592.34
48Phillips County15,906727.29
49Sevier County15,783581.35
50Van Buren County15,694724.32
51Clay County14,350641.42
52Izard County13,911584.02
53Lincoln County13,037572.17
54Howard County12,698595.2
55Stone County12,481609.43
56Fulton County12,145620.32
57Little River County11,944564.87
58Desha County11,090819.52
59Bradley County10,408654.38
60Pike County10,066613.88
61Chicot County10,019690.88
62Perry County9,964560.47
63Scott County9,822898.09
64Lee County8,619619.47
65Montgomery County8,611800.29
66Nevada County8,187620.78
67Prairie County8,135675.76
68Searcy County7,880668.51
69Cleveland County7,514598.8
70Newton County7,204823.18
71Monroe County6,683621.41
72Dallas County6,308668.16
73Lafayette County6,163545.07
74Woodruff County6,116594.05
75Calhoun County4,741632.54

Source: US Census report 2021

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Top Cities in Arkansas by population

Arkansas is divided into 75 counties and contains 501  municipalities consisting of cities and towns. Arkansas municipalities are divided into three categories based on population. Usually, cities of the first class have a population of over 2,500, cities of the second class have between 500 and 2,499 people, and incorporated towns have 499 or fewer people.

The largest city by population is Little Rock with 202,591 residents, It’s also the largest city area by area. All other cities have a population of less than 100,000. 

let’s have a look at the Top 20 Cities in Arkansas by population

#CityCountiesPopulation 2020Area (sq. mi.)
1Little Rock Pulaski202,591120.046
3Fort SmithSebastian89,14263.994
4SpringdaleWashington, Benton84,16147.016
7North Little RockPulaski64,59152.335
10Pine BluffJefferson41,25344.182
11Hot SpringsGarland37,93037.473
14Bella VistaBenton30,10445.305
20West MemphisCrittenden24,52028.842

Source: Census 2020

Most Populous Counties in Arkansas

The most populous county in Arkansas is Pulaski County with 0.4 million residents. It was followed by Benton County (293,692) and Washington County (250,057).

Let’s have a look at the Top 10 most populous counties

#CountyPopulation 2021
1Pulaski County397,821
2Benton County293,692
3Washington County250,057
4Sebastian County128,400
5Saline County125,233
6Faulkner County125,106
7Craighead County112,218
8Garland County100,330
9White County77,207
10Lonoke County74,722
Least Populated Arkansas County

The least populous county is Calhoun County with 4,741 residents, it’s followed by Woodruff County and Lafayette County.

Let’s have a look at 5 least populated counties in Arkansas

#CountyPopulation 2021
1Calhoun County4,741
2Woodruff County6,116
3Lafayette County6,163
4Dallas County6,308
5Monroe County6,683

source: US Census 2021

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Largest Counties in Arkansas by area

The Largest county by Land Area in Arkansas is Union County with an area of 1,055.27 sq. miles. White  County with an area of 1,042.36 sq. mi. comes next followed by Arkansas County (1,033.79 sq. mi.)

Let’s have a look at the Top 10 counties by Area

#CountyArea (sq. mi.)
1Union County1,055.27
2White County1,042.36
3Arkansas County1,033.79
4Washington County951.72
5Yell County948.84
6Ashley County939.08
7Mississippi County919.73
8Jefferson County913.7
9Scott County898.09
10Benton County884.86
Smallest County in Minnesota by area

The smallest county by area in Arkansas is Lafayette County with an area of 545 square miles.

#CountyArea (sq. mi.)
1Lafayette County545.07
2Sebastian County546.04
3Perry County560.47
4Little River County564.87
5Conway County566.66

source: US Census report 2021

Most densely populated Counties in Arkansas

The most densely populated county in Arkansas is Pulaski County, with 492 people per sq. mi. Next comes Benton County with 332 people per sq. mi. followed by Anoka County (866/ sq.mi)

Let’s have a look at the Top 10 densely populated counties

#CountyDensity (people/sq.mi.)
1Pulaski County492.45
2Benton County331.91
3Washington County262.74
4Sebastian County235.15
5Faulkner County188.41
6Saline County171.44
7Craighead County157.39
8Garland County136.58
9Crawford County99.93
10Lonoke County93.12
Least Densely Populated County in Arkansas

Calhoun  County with a population density of just 7.50 people per sq. miles is the least densely populated county in Arkansas

#CountyDensity (people/sq.mi.)
1Calhoun County7.50
2Newton County8.75
3Dallas County9.44
4Woodruff County10.30
5Monroe County10.75

source: US Census 2021

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