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South America Population 2023

South America is a continent and southern sub-region of America. It includes twelve sovereign states and two dependent territories: the Falkland Islands and French Guiana. 

As per the United Nations World Population Prospects report, the estimated South American population in 2023 is 439,719,008 (440 million)

Population of South America in 2023:  440 million

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List of South American Countries by Population

South America consists of twelve Independent Nations and  2 Overseas Territories.  About 5.53 % of the world’s population lives in South America. Brazil is by far the most populous South American country, with more than half of the continent’s population, followed by Colombia, Argentina, and Peru. 

Let’s have a look at the Country-wise population of South America

#CountriesPop. 2023
5Venezuela 28,838,499
13French Guiana*314,169
14Falkland Islands*3,534

Source: UN  World Population Prospects 

*Falkland Islands is Overseas Territory of UK & French Guiana is of France

Religion in South America

Christianity is the majority religion in South America and in most South American countries, its followed by 80-90% of the population. In the past few decades, the religiously unaffiliated population in the region has grown and around 10% of the people don’t follow or Affiliate with any religion.  

Other Non-Christians faiths include Hinduism, Islam, Jews, and Buddhism. Folk and African religions also have followers in South American Countries.

Source: Pew research center

South America Countries by Population 2024