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Mexico Population 2022

Mexico is a country in the southern portion of North America. It’s the world’s 13th-largest country by area &  the 2nd-most-populous country in North America. Mexico population is equivalent to 1.65% of the total world population.

As per the Mexican Census 2020, its population is 126,014,024 (126 million). According to United Nations Population Prospects, the estimated population of Mexico in 2022 is 131,562,775  (131 million or 13.1 Crore)

Demographic Facts

Population 131,562,775 (131 million)
World Population Rank10th
Population density66 per Km2 (172 people per mi2).
Total area1,943,950 Km2 (750,563 sq. miles)
Urban Population84%
Median age29.2 years
Life Expectancy75.41 years
Infant Mortality rate14.5

Source: UN World Population Prospects report

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Religion in Mexico

Christianity is the largest religion in Mexico and  79.5% of the population follows Christianity. Among Christians in Mexico, Catholics have the most adherents followed by the Protestants

The 2020 census by the Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía (National Institute of Statistics and Geography) gives Roman Catholicism as the main religion with 78.12% of mexican population following it. 13.96% belongs to different Christians affiliations and other faiths. 7.93% of population don’t follow any religion.

For the Latest figures, According to the 2020 report by the Latino barometer,  72.1% of the population followed Roman Catholicism; 2.5% Evangelical Protestantism; 0.8% baptism; 0.2% Methodist; 1.3% Pentecostal; 0.4% Adventist, 1.7% Jehovah’s Witnesses, and 0.2% Mormon.

17% of the population don’t affiliate with any religion. (Agnostic 0.1%; Atheist 0.9%; None 13.3%; Don´t know 0.9%; No answer 1.8%)

Other Non-Christian-based faiths population is at 3.6%.  Non-Christian Faith includes Jewish, Islam, Baháʼí Faith, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism.

According to a 2020 report by the Latino barometer religion percentage in Mexico is as follows

Religion / AffiliationsPercent
Evangelical (Protestants)2.5%
Evangelical baptism0.8%
Evangelical Methodist0.2%
Evangelical Pentecostal1.3%
Jehovah’s Witnesses1.7%
Protestant Others0.3%
Other Faiths3.6%
Believer, not belong to the church2.0%
Others (Jews, Islam, Buddhism, etc.)1.4%
Don´t know0.9%
No answer1.8%

Source: https://www.latinobarometro.org/

Race and Ethnicity in Mexico

Mexico is a multi-ethnic nation, home to people of different races, ethnicity, and national backgrounds. Mexican Census  does not collect census data on ethnicity.

As per various estimates and surveys 30% of the people are Mestizo (mixed race people of Amerindian and European descent, typically from Spanish colonists), 21.60% identified as Indigenous.

The White Mexicans (White Latin American) accounts for 47% of the population of Mexico. White people are predominantly descendants from Spain with and people from Italy, Germany, France, and Switzerland who have settled in the early 20th century. 

The Afro-Mexicans are a minority population (1.20%) in Mexico, that includes people with African ancestry.

Mexico also has a small population of Asian origins, mainly those from West Asia, descendants of Lebanese and Palestinian immigrants, and an East Asian community mainly consisting of those of Japanese and Chinese descent

The racial composition is as follows

Race or ethnicityPercentage
Unclassified (most likely Mestizos)30%
Foreigners residing in Mexico (of any race)<1.0%
East Asian<1.0%
Middle Eastern<1.0%

Source:  Estimates only, Mexico does not collect census data on ethnicity

Mexico Historic Population

In 1865 the Mexican population was estimated at around 8.25 million people. It reached 13.6 million in 1900 and 28 million in 1950 & 99 million in 2000. In 2020, the Mexican population was estimated to be 129 million.

YearPopulationPop. in million
18658,259,0808.25 million
190013,607,27213.6 million
193016,552,72216.5 million
194019,653,55219.65 million
195027,944,67128 million
196037,771,86137.8 million
197051,493,56551.5 million
198067,761,36767.8 million
199083,943,13584 million
200098,899,84599 million
2010114,092,961114 million
2020128,932,753129 million

Source: UN World Population Prospects 2019

Mexico Future Population Forecast

The Mexican population is expected to increase by 20 million persons in the next 20 years, from 130 million currently to 150 million in 2040, and could peak at nearly 156 million around 2070. 

Mexico Population forecast Chart

YearEstimated Population
2022131 million
2030140 million
2040150 million
2050155 million
2060157 million
2070156 million
2080153 million
2090148 million
2100141 million


Source: UN World Population Prospects 2019

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