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Canada Population 2023

Canada is a country in North America and is the second-largest country in the world by area & third-largest country by population in North America. According to Canadian Census, its population is 38,246,108 (38 million) in 2021 & as per the census estimates the population of Canada in 2023 is 39,566,248 ( 39.6 million or 3.96  Crore)

Demographic Facts

Population39,566,248 (3.96 Crore)
Population Rank38th
Population density3.96/km2 (10/sq mi) 
Total area9,984,670 km2 (3,855,100 sq mi)
Urban Population82%
Median age38.3 years
Life Expectancy 83 years
Infant Mortality rate3.9

Source: Canada Census 2023 Q1 estiamtes

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Canada Historic Population

In 1900 the Canadian population was estimated at around 5.5 million people. It reached 12 million in the 1940s and 30.5 million in 2000. In 2022, the Canadian population was estimated to be 38 million.

Canada Historical Population  Chart

YearCanada PopulationPop in millions
19005,500,0005.5 million
19208,800,0008.8 million
194011,682,00012 million
195013,733,39813.8 million
196017,847,40417.8 million
197021,374,32621.4 million
198024,416,88524.5 million
199027,541,32327.5 million
200030,588,37930.5 million
201034,147,56634 million
202037,742,15737.8 million

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Canada Future Population Forecast

The Canadian population is expected to increase by 17 million persons in the next 50 years, from 37 million currently to 5o million in 2070, and could peak at nearly 57 million around 2100. 

Canada Historical Population  Chart

YearCanada Pop. Projection
202037 million
203041 million
204043.5 million
205045.5 million
206047.8 million
207050 million
208052.4 million
209054.5 million
210057 million

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Canada Population 2023 | Canada Demography

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