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Brazil Population 2024

Brazil officially the República Federativa do Brasil is the largest country in both South America. Brazil is the world’s seventh-most populous country, and 5th largest by land area.  According to the Brazilian Institute of  Statistics,  the Population of Brazilin 2022 is 203,080,756 (203 million) and the estimated  population of Brazil in 2024 is 205 million

Source: Brazilian Institute of Statistics

Demography of Brazil

Brazil2022 Census
Total Population203,080,756 (203 million)

23.86 per sq. km

Area 8,460,415  sq. km (3,266,584 sq. mi)
Fertility Rate1.76
Infant mortality rate11.2
Capital CityBrasília

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Race and Ethnicity in Brazil

Brazil is a multi-ethnic nation, home to people of different races, ethnicity, and national backgrounds.

According to the 2010 Census, 48.70% of the population (about 91 million) described themselves as White; 43.10% (about 83 million) as Pardo (brown), 7.60% (about 14 million) as Black; 1.10% (about 1.1 million) as East Asian (officially called yellow or amarela); and 0.40% (about 818 thousand) as Amerindian (officially called indígena, Indigenous).

The racial composition is as follows

Race and EthnicityPop. 2010Percentage
Brancos (Whites) 91,051,64647.70%
Pardos (Multiracial) 82,277,33343.10%
Pretos (African) 14,517,9617.60%
Amarelos (East Asians) 2,084,2881.10%
Indígenas (Indigenous) 817,9630.40%
Undeclared6,6080 %

Religion and Affiliations

Christianity is the largest religion in Brazil and it has the second largest Christian population in the world. Among Christians in Brazil Catholics have the most adherents. In fact, it has the world’s largest Catholic population. According to the 2010 census,  64.63% of the population followed Roman Catholicism; 22.2% Protestantism; 2.0% Kardecist spiritism; 3.2% other religions, undeclared or undetermined; while 8.0% have no religion.

There is a small population professing Buddhism (215 000), Judaism (107 000), Islam (35 000), Shinto, Rastafarian, and many other religions. 

Religion/Affiliations Percentage
Christianity 88.77%
– Catholicism 64.60%
– Protestantism 22.20%
–  Other Christians 1.98%
  None 8%
  Spiritism 2%
  Other religion 3.20%

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Top Cities in Brazil by Population

#CityStatePop. 2021
1São Paulo São Paulo12,396,372
2Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro6,775,561
3Brasília Distrito Federal3,094,325
4Salvador Bahia2,900,319
5Fortaleza Ceará2,703,391
6Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais2,530,701
7Manaus Amazonas2,255,903
8Curitiba Paraná1,963,726
9Recife Pernambuco1,661,017
10Goiânia Goiás1,555,626

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Brazil Population 2024 | Demography of Brazil 2024