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List of Counties in Texas

A county is an administrative subdivision of a US state or territory. As of 2022, Texas is divided into 254 counties. Each county is run by a commissioners’ court, consisting of four elected commissioners and a county judge elected from all the voters of the county.

Harris County (4.7 million) is the most populous county in Texas and The loving county with just 57 people is the least populated. Brewster county (6193 sq. mi.) is the largest county by land area and Rockwall County (149 sq. mi.) is the smallest in area. The most densely populated county in Texas is Dallas County, with 2,939 people per sq. mi.

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Texas Counties by Population

#CountyPopulation 2021Area
(sq. miles)
1Harris County4,728,0301,729
2Dallas County2,586,050880
3Tarrant County2,126,477864
4Bexar County2,028,2361,247
5Travis County1,305,154989
6Collin County1,109,462848
7Denton County941,647888
8Hidalgo County880,3561,569
9El Paso County867,9471,013
10Fort Bend County858,527875
11Montgomery County648,8861,044
12Williamson County643,0261,124
13Cameron County423,029906
14Brazoria County379,6891,387
15Bell County379,6171,059
16Galveston County355,062399
17Nueces County353,079836
18Lubbock County314,451900
19Webb County267,9453,357
20McLennan County263,1151,042
21Hays County255,397678
22Jefferson County253,704904
23Smith County237,186928
24Brazos County237,032586
25Ellis County202,678940
26Johnson County187,280729
27Guadalupe County177,036711
28Comal County174,986562
29Midland County167,969900
30Ector County161,091901
31Kaufman County157,768786
32Parker County156,764904
33Randall County143,854914
34Taylor County143,326916
35Grayson County139,336934
36Wichita County130,069628
37Gregg County124,201274
38Tom Green County119,4111,522
39Potter County116,547909
40Rockwall County116,381149
41Hunt County103,394841
42Bastrop County102,058888
43Liberty County97,6211,160
44Bowie County92,581888
45Victoria County90,964883
46Angelina County86,506802
47Orange County84,742356
48Coryell County84,2321,052
49Henderson County83,667874
50Walker County77,977788
51Wise County71,714905
52San Patricio County69,699692
53Harrison County69,150899
54Starr County66,0491,223
55Nacogdoches County64,668947
56Hood County64,222422
57Van Zandt County61,275849
58Waller County59,781514
59Anderson County58,4021,071
60Maverick County58,0561,280
61Hardin County56,973894
62Navarro County53,5911,071
63Kerr County53,1611,106
64Rusk County52,743924
65Medina County51,9811,328
66Polk County51,8991,057
67Wilson County51,257807
68Cherokee County51,0971,052
69Burnet County50,954995
70Lamar County50,098917
71Atascosa County49,9391,232
72Chambers County48,865599
73Val Verde County47,5643,171
74Caldwell County46,791546
75Kendall County46,788662
76Wood County45,875650
77Erath County43,3781,086
78Cooke County42,244874
79Upshur County41,774588
80Wharton County41,7211,090
81Jim Wells County38,847865
82Brown County38,192944
83Hopkins County37,211785
84Fannin County36,569892
85Hill County36,471962
86Matagorda County36,3441,114
87Washington County35,891609
88Howard County34,128903
89Jasper County32,975938
90Hale County32,2201,005
91Titus County31,183411
92Bee County30,924880
93Kleberg County30,635871
94Austin County30,380653
95Grimes County30,287794
96Palo Pinto County28,686953
97Cass County28,560938
98San Jacinto County27,878571
99Gillespie County27,2971,061
100Milam County25,1061,017
101Uvalde County24,7291,557
102Fayette County24,687950
103Aransas County24,510252
104Shelby County23,939794
105Panola County22,675801
106Lampasas County22,252712
107Houston County22,2411,231
108Limestone County22,119909
109Llano County21,978935
110Gaines County21,8951,502
111Bandera County21,565792
112Hockley County21,363908
113Moore County21,118900
114Gray County21,030928
115Colorado County20,630963
116Lavaca County20,544970
117Hutchinson County20,495887
118Montague County20,409931
119Willacy County20,316597
120Tyler County20,077923
121DeWitt County19,918909
122Jones County19,873931
123Freestone County19,774885
124Calhoun County19,727512
125Gonzales County19,6411,068
126Boue County18,503989
127Andrews County18,4401,501
128Frio County18,4361,133
129Deaf Smith County18,3291,497
130Burleson County18,051666
131Young County17,977922
132Eastland County17,864926
133Lee County17,706629
134Falls County17,313769
135Robertson County16,958855
136Scurry County16,824903
137Leon County15,9591,072
138Jackson County15,121830
139Pecos County15,1184,764
140Karnes County14,754750
141Nolan County14,597912
142Reeves County14,4872,636
143Callahan County14,115899
144Zapata County13,908997
145Trinity County13,827693
146Comanche County13,775938
147Madison County13,718470
148Lamb County12,8981,016
149Wilbarger County12,731971
150Camp County12,616198
151Rains County12,509259
152Dawson County12,413902
153Newton County12,241933
154Morris County12,030254
155Blanco County11,886711
156Terry County11,754890
157Red River County11,5551,050
158Live Oak County11,3771,036
159Ward County11,194836
160Franklin County10,464286
161Clay County10,2631,098
162Sabine County10,039490
163Runnels County9,9431,054
164Parmer County9,813882
165Ochiltree County9,782918
166Duval County9,7561,793
167Marion County9,645381
168Zavala County9,5341,299
169Somervell County9,469187
170Brewster County9,4506,193
171Stephens County9,173895
172Mitchell County9,070910
173Jack County8,712917
174Archer County8,681910
175Dimmit County8,4731,331
176Hamilton County8,229836
177San Augustine County7,922528
178Coleman County7,7351,273
179Yoakum County7,607800
180McCulloch County7,5331,069
181Winkler County7,415841
182Castro County7,374898
183Dallam County7,1721,505
184Goliad County7,163854
185Swisher County7,008900
186Brooks County6,994943
187Bailey County6,835827
188Refugio County6,756770
189Childress County6,736710
190La Salle County6,6701,489
191Presidio County6,1403,856
192Garza County5,863896
193San Saba County5,8271,134
194Carson County5,746923
195Lynn County5,688892
196Haskell County5,411903
197Hartley County5,3971,462
198Delta County5,392277
199Floyd County5,350992
200Martin County5,211915
201Hansford County5,159920
202Crosby County5,106900
203Wheeler County4,927914
204Jim Hogg County4,8011,136
205Crane County4,680786
206Mills County4,480748
207Kimble County4,3651,251
208Mason County3,943932
209Fisher County3,706901
210Hardeman County3,552695
211Baylor County3,477871
212Knox County3,351854
213Concho County3,341992
214Coke County3,321899
215Sutton County3,3191,454
216Hudspeth County3,2874,571
217Hemphill County3,271910
218Donley County3,268930
219Upton County3,2651,242
220Reagan County3,2531,175
221Shackelford County3,212914
222Kinney County3,1301,364
223Crockett County3,0682,808
224Lipscomb County2,931932
225Hall County2,845903
226Real County2,826700
227Sherman County2,798923
228Collingsworth County2,615919
229Cochran County2,516775
230Schleicher County2,4291,311
231Culberson County2,1933,813
232Menard County1,982902
233Jeff Davis County1,9492,265
234Armstrong County1,839914
235Dickens County1,740904
236Oldham County1,7171,501
237Irion County1,5521,052
238Throckmorton County1,495912
239Edwards County1,4382,120
240Briscoe County1,403900
241Cottle County1,381901
242Sterling County1,381923
243Stonewall County1,217919
244Glasscock County1,149901
245Foard County1,080707
246Motley County1,067989
247Roberts County797924
248Kent County749902
249Terrell County7242,358
250Borden County617899
251McMullen County6081,113
252Kenedy County3401,457
253King County258912
254Loving County57673

Most Populous Counties in Texas

The most populous county in Texas is  Harris County with 4.7 million residents, and the third most populous county in the United States It is followed by Dallas  County (2.6 million) and Tarrant County (2.1 million).

Let’s have a look at the Top 10 most populous counties

#CountyPop 2021
1Harris County4,728,030
2Dallas County2,586,050
3Tarrant County2,126,477
4Bexar County2,028,236
5Travis County1,305,154
6Collin County1,109,462
7Denton County941,647
8Hidalgo County880,356
9El Paso County867,947
10Fort Bend County858,527
Least Populated Texas County

The least populous county is Loving County with 57 residents, it’s followed by King County and Kenedy County.

Let’s have a look at the 10 least populated counties in Texas

#CountyPop 2021
1Loving County57
2King County258
3Kenedy County340
4McMullen County608
5Borden County617
6Terrell County724
7Kent County749
8Roberts County797
9Motley County1,067
10Foard County1,080

source: US Census 2021

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Largest counties in Texas by area

Brewster County is the largest county by area in Texas – at 6,193 square miles (16,040sq.  km) it is over three times the size of the state of Delaware, and more than 500 square miles (1,300 sq. km) bigger than Connecticut. It’s followed by Pecos County (4,764 sq. mi.) and Hudspeth County (4,571 sq. mi.).

Let’s have a look at the Top 10 counties by Area

#CountyArea (sq. mi.)
1Brewster County6,193
2Pecos County4,764
3Hudspeth County4,571
4Presidio County3,856
5Culberson County3,813
6Webb County3,357
7Val Verde County3,171
8Crockett County2,808
9Reeves County2,636
10Terrell County2,358
The smallest County in Texas by area

The smallest county by area in Texas is Rockwall County with an area of 149 square miles.

#CountyArea (sq. mi.)
1Rockwall County149
2Somervell County187
3Camp County198
4Aransas County252
5Morris County254
6Rains County259
7Gregg County274
8Delta County277
9Franklin County286
10Orange County356

source: US Census report 2021

Most densely populated Counties in Texas

The most densely populated county in Texas is Dallas County, with 2,939 people per sq. mi. Next comes Harris County with 2,735 people per sq. mi followed by Tarrant County (2,461/per sq.mi)

Let’s have a look at the Top 10 densely populated counties

#CountyDensity (people/sq. mi)
1Dallas County2,939
2Harris County2,735
3Tarrant County2,461
4Bexar County1,626
5Travis County1,320
6Collin County1,308
7Denton County1,060
8Fort Bend County981
9Galveston County890
10El Paso County857
Least Densely Populated County in Texas

Loving County is the least densely populated county in Texas with a density of just 0.08 people per sq. miles.

1Loving County0.08
2Kenedy County0.23
3King County0.28
4Terrell County0.31
5McMullen County0.55
6Culberson County0.58
7Edwards County0.68
8Borden County0.69
9Hudspeth County0.72
10Kent County0.83

source: US Census 2021

Top cities in Texas

Houston is the largest city in Texas and it has three cities with more than 1 million people: Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, which also rank as 10 of the most populous cities in the country. There are also three cities with a population of over 500,000, which are El Paso, Fort Worth, and the capital, Austin, which are among the 25 largest cities in the US.

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