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List of Cities and Counties in Kansas

Discover Kansas population facts easily with our list of counties and cities. Find out how many people live in each area, from big cities to small towns, and see how Kansas’s population is spread out across the state.

Kansas Counties by Population

A county is an administrative subdivision of a US state or territory. As of 2024, Kansas is divided into 105 counties. 

The average population of Kansas counties is 27,948; Johnson County is the most populous (613,219) and Greeley County is the least (1,304). The average land area is 779 sq mi. The largest county by area is Butler County (1,428 sq mi) and the smallest is Wyandotte County (151 sq mi).

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#CountyPopulation 2021Area(sq. mi.)Density (people/sq. mi.)
1Johnson County613,2194771,285.57
2Sedgwick County523,8281,000523.83
3Shawnee County178,264550324.12
4Wyandotte County167,0461511,106.26
5Douglas County119,363457261.19
6Leavenworth County82,184463177.50
7Riley County72,208610118.37
8Butler County67,8891,42847.54
9Reno County61,4141,25448.97
10Saline County53,88872074.84
11Crawford County39,11059365.95
12Finney County38,1071,30029.31
13Geary County35,93438493.58
14Miami County34,59357759.95
15Cowley County34,4961,12630.64
16Ford County34,1591,09931.08
17Harvey County33,81753962.74
18Lyon County31,99885137.60
19Montgomery County31,15664548.30
20McPherson County30,14690033.50
21Ellis County28,79090031.99
22Franklin County25,98657445.27
23Pottawatomie County25,79084430.56
24Barton County25,21689428.21
25Sumner County22,3851,18218.94
26Seward County21,74764033.98
27Labette County19,91264930.68
28Cherokee County19,13058732.59
29Dickinson County18,45984821.77
30Jefferson County18,41153634.35
31Atchison County16,23943237.59
32Neosho County15,78457227.59
33Osage County15,76870422.40
34Bourbon County14,32363722.49
35Jackson County13,26165720.18
36Allen County12,46450324.78
37Marion County11,71294312.42
38Nemaha County10,21671914.21
39Marshall County9,97990311.05
40Linn County9,74759916.27
41Brown County9,45557116.56
42Rice County9,39072712.92
43Pratt County9,18173512.49
44Cloud County8,92871612.47
45Wilson County8,52657414.85
46Coffey County8,33863013.23
47Clay County8,07764412.54
48Thomas County7,8771,0757.33
49Anderson County7,77858313.34
50Doniphan County7,47139219.06
51Kingman County7,3928648.56
52Grant County7,32457512.74
53Wabaunsee County6,9667988.73
54Russell County6,7038857.57
55Ellsworth County6,3367168.85
56Pawnee County6,2257548.26
57Greenwood County5,9391,1405.21
58Sherman County5,8951,0565.58
59Ottawa County5,8387218.10
60Mitchell County5,7487008.21
61Gray County5,6448696.49
62Washington County5,5118986.14
63Morris County5,3566977.68
64Norton County5,3428786.08
65Harper County5,3318026.65
66Stevens County5,2937287.27
67Scott County5,1317187.15
68Rooks County4,8318885.44
69Phillips County4,8158865.43
70Republic County4,6627166.51
71Barber County4,1101,1343.62
72Stafford County4,0347925.09
73Meade County4,0229784.11
74Kearny County3,8918704.47
75Haskell County3,6685776.36
76Smith County3,5768963.99
77Osborne County3,4988933.92
78Chautauqua County3,3956425.29
79Woodson County3,1025016.19
80Rush County2,9537184.11
81Jewell County2,9379093.23
82Lincoln County2,9037194.04
83Edwards County2,8326224.55
84Trego County2,7938883.15
85Gove County2,7551,0722.57
86Decatur County2,7518943.08
87Logan County2,7221,0732.54
88Morton County2,6927303.69
89Ness County2,6721,0752.49
90Cheyenne County2,6331,0202.58
91Chase County2,5987763.35
92Rawlins County2,5491,0702.38
93Hamilton County2,4849962.49
94Sheridan County2,4788962.77
95Elk County2,4416483.77
96Graham County2,4008982.67
97Kiowa County2,3927223.31
98Wichita County2,0827192.90
99Stanton County2,0446803.01
100Clark County1,9779752.03
101Hodgeman County1,7108601.99
102Comanche County1,6707882.12
103Lane County1,5657172.18
104Wallace County1,5089141.65
105Greeley County1,3047781.68

Source: US Census report 2021

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Top Cities in Kansas by population

Kansas is divided into 105 counties and contains 627 municipalities consisting of cities. The most populous city in Kansas is Wichita, with a population of 397,532, followed by Overland Park (197,238), and Kansas City (156,607).

Let’s have a look at the Top 20 cities in Kansas by population

RankCityCountyPopulation 2020 
2Overland ParkJohnson197,238
3Kansas CityWyandotte156,607
14Garden CityFinney28,151
15Dodge CityFord27,788
19Prairie VillageJohnson22,957
20Junction CityGeary22,932

Source: US Census 2020

Most Populous Counties in Kansas

The most populous county in Kansas is Johnson County with 0.62 million residents. It was followed by Sedgwick County (523,828) and Shawnee County (178,264)

Let’s have a look at the Top 10 most populous counties

#CountyPopulation 2021
1Johnson County613,219
2Sedgwick County523,828
3Shawnee County178,264
4Wyandotte County167,046
5Douglas County119,363
6Leavenworth County82,184
7Riley County72,208
8Butler County67,889
9Reno County61,414
10Saline County53,888
Least Populated Kansas County

The least populous county is Greeley County with 1,304 residents, it’s followed by Wallace County and Lane County.

Let’s have a look at 5 least populated counties in Kansas

#CountyPopulation 2021
1Greeley County1,304
2Wallace County1,508
3Lane County1,565
4Comanche County1,670
5Hodgeman County1,710

source: US Census 2021

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Largest counties in Kansas by area

The Largest county by Land Area in Kansas is Butler County with an area of 1,428 sq. miles. Finney County with an area of 1,300 sq. mi. comes next followed by Reno County (1,254 sq. mi.)

Let’s have a look at the Top 10 counties by Area

#CountyArea (sq. mi.)
1Butler County1,428
2Finney County1,300
3Reno County1,254
4Sumner County1,182
5Greenwood County1,140
6Barber County1,134
7Cowley County1,126
8Ford County1,099
9Ness County1,075
10Thomas County1,075
Smallest County in Kansas by area

The smallest county by area in Arkansas is Wyandotte County with an area of 151 square miles.

#CountyArea (sq. mi.)
1Wyandotte County151
2Geary County384
3Doniphan County392
4Atchison County432
5Douglas County457

source: US Census report 2021

Most Densely populated Counties in Kansas

The most densely populated county in Kansas is Johnson County, with 1,285 people per sq. mi. Next comes Wyandotte County with 1,106 people per sq. mi. followed by Sedgwick County (524/ sq.mi)

Let’s have a look at the Top 10 densely populated counties

#CountyDensity (people/sq. mi.)
1Johnson County1,285.57
2Wyandotte County1,106.26
3Sedgwick County523.83
4Shawnee County324.12
5Douglas County261.19
6Leavenworth County177.50
7Riley County118.37
8Geary County93.58
9Saline County74.84
10Crawford County65.95
Least Densely Populated County in Kansas

Wallace County with a population density of just 1.65 people per sq. miles is the least densely populated county in Kansas

#CountyDensity (people/sq. mi.)
1Wallace County1.65
2Greeley County1.68
3Hodgeman County1.99
4Clark County2.03
5Comanche County2.12

source: US Census 2021

List of counties in Kansas 2024 | Top Cities in Kansas by population