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Turks and Caicos Population 2024

The Turks and Caicos Islands are a British Overseas Territory consisting of the larger Caicos Islands and smaller Turks Islands, two groups of tropical islands in the Lucayan Archipelago of the Atlantic Ocean and northern West Indies. As per the UN World Population Prospects report, the population of Turks and Caicos in 2024 is 46,432 (46 thousand).

Population of Turks and Caicos in 2024  – 46 thousand
Turks and Caicos 2024 Estimate
Total Population46,432
Caribbean Rank22
SovereigntyBritish Territory 
Land Area 950 sq.km (367 sq. mi)
Area Rank
Pop. Density41 people/sq. km
Capital CityCockburn Town

Source: UN World Population Prospects

Religion in Turks and Caicos

The religious landscape of Turks and Caicos Islands is predominantly Christian, with 86% of the population adhering to various Christian denominations. Baptists constitute the largest Christian group at 35.8%, followed by the Church of God (11.7%), Roman Catholics (11.4%), Anglicans (10%), Methodists (9.3%), Seventh-day Adventists (6%), and Jehovah’s Witnesses (1.8%). Other faiths collectively make up the remaining 14%, reflecting the religious diversity on the islands.

Catholics in Turks and Caicos are served by the Mission Sui Iuris, established in 1984 with territory taken from the Diocese of Nassau. This Catholic mission plays a significant role in providing spiritual guidance and support to the Catholic community in the region.

Religious Composition in Turks and Caicos:

Christian DenominationPercentage
Church of God11.7%
Roman Catholics11.4%
Seventh-day Adventists6.0%
Jehovah’s Witnesses1.8%
Other Christian Denominations1.0%
Other Faiths14.0%
Turks and Caicos Population 2024 | Religion in Turks and Caicos