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Swiss Canadians

Swiss Canadians are Canadians who have full or partial Swiss ancestry or who have migrated from Switzerland to Canada. People of Swiss ancestry form an important group in several countries in North and South America. 

Swiss Canadians account for about 0.40% of the total population of Canada. According to the Canadian Census 2021, there were 145,570 people of Swiss descent in Canada. British Columbia is Canada’s province with the highest percentage of the Swiss population.

Source: Census 2021

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Swiss population in Canadian Provinces

Ontario, with 56,510 people of Swiss ancestry, has the largest population of Swiss Canadians in Canada followed by British Columbia (28,520) and  Quebec (22,980).

Percentage-wise British Columbia (0.58%) has the highest percentage of Swiss followed by Alberta (0.54%) and Saskatchewan (0.41%).

List of Provinces by Swiss Ancestry 

#ProvincePopulation 2021% of Total
2British Columbia28,5200.58%
4New Brunswick9950.13%
6Northwest Territories1600.40%
7Nova Scotia2,9050.30%
8Nunavut 350.10%
10Prince Edward Island5000.33%

Source: Canada Census 2021

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Top Canadian metropolitan areas by Swiss population

Montreal Metro area with 12,520 people of Swiss ancestry, has the largest population of Swiss Canadians. It’s followed by Toronto (12,170) and  Vancouver  (9,570).

Top Metro Areas by Swiss Population

#City (Metropolitan Area)ProvincePopulation 2021% of Total
1Montreal Quebec12,5200.30%
2Toronto Ontario12,1700.20%
3Vancouver British Columbia9,5700.37%
4Calgary Alberta7,0250.48%
5Kitchener – Cambridge – Waterloo Ontario6,7851.19%
6Edmonton Alberta5,9600.43%
7Ottawa – Gatineau Ont./Que5,4250.37%
8Winnipeg Manitoba2,9900.36%
9Victoria British Columbia2,6700.69%
10Hamilton Ontario2,5950.34%
11Quebec Quebec1,9000.23%
12London Ontario1,7600.33%
13Kelowna British Columbia1,7200.79%
14St. Catharines – Niagara Ontario1,5700.37%
15Halifax Nova Scotia1,4650.32%
16Saskatoon Sakstwachan1,4300.46%
17Oshawa Ontario1,2750.31%
18Abbotsford – Mission British Columbia1,1550.60%
19Kamloops British Columbia9050.82%
20Guelph Ontario8900.54%

Source: Canada Census 2021

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