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Sikhism in Canada

Sikhism holds a dynamic and thriving position in Canada, emerging as the nation’s fastest-growing and fourth-largest religious community. With nearly 800,000 adherents (2.1% of the population), it forms a significant part of Canada’s diverse faith landscape. It’s also home to the largest national Sikh proportion in the world (2.1%), and also has the second-largest Sikh population in the world, after India. British Columbia has the third-largest Sikh proportion (5.9%) amongst all global administrative divisions, behind only Punjab and Chandigarh in India.

Concentrated mainly in Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta, Sikh communities infuse vitality into their local environments through the presence of gurdwaras, the practice of langar (free community meals), and the preservation of distinctive traditions. 

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Source: Canada Census 2021

Canada's Sikh Population by Province

In Canada, the most substantial Sikh communities are concentrated in Ontario, trailed by British Columbia and Alberta. Remarkably, British Columbia boasts the world’s third-largest Sikh proportion (5.9%) among administrative divisions globally, ranking only behind Punjab and Chandigarh in India. British Columbia, Manitoba, and Yukon hold the distinction of being three of the only four administrative divisions in the world with Sikhism as the second most followed religion among the population.

In terms of numbers, Ontario leads with the highest Sikh population at 300,435, followed by British Columbia with 290,870, and Alberta with 103,600.

Province/territoryPop. 2021Percentage
British Columbia290,8705.92%
Nova Scotia4,7300.49%
New Brunswick1,7800.23%
Prince Edward Island1,1650.77%
Newfoundland and Labrador8500.17%
Northwest Territories1100.27%

Source: Canada Census 2021

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Top Canada Metro Areas by Sikh Population

The Toronto Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) hosts the largest Sikh community in Canada, with a population of 244,240, constituting 3.98% of the total. Traditionally, Sikhs in Toronto have resided in Rexdale (Etobicoke) and Armadale (Scarborough). In Malton, Mississauga, an established Sikh community represents nearly 25% of the population. Brampton is home to half of Ontario’s Sikhs, making up 19% of the city’s total population.

Vancouver’s metropolitan area follows, with Sikhs forming 8.5% of the total population. Although Sikhs can be found in most towns and cities within British Columbia, most are concentrated in the Lower Mainland. Historically, the highest concentrations of Sikhs in British Columbia existed in rural regions throughout the province, including Vancouver Island, the interior, and the north.

In Alberta, the majority of Sikhs are located in Calgary or Edmonton, with 3.83% and 3.18% of their respective populations being Sikh, according to the 2021 census. Abbotsford–Mission in BC has a notable Sikh presence, accounting for 21.69% of the population.

#Metropolitan areaProvincePop. 2021Percentage
1Toronto Ontario244,2403.98%
2Vancouver BC222,1658.52%
3Calgary Alberta56,0603.83%
4Edmonton Alberta44,4403.18%
5Abbotsford–Mission BC41,66521.69%
6Winnipeg Manitoba33,4354.08%
7Montreal Quebec22,9900.55%
10Ottawa–Gatineau Quebec6,7300.46%
12Regina Saskatchewan4,4551.82%
14London Ontario4,2650.80%
16Saskatoon Saskatchewan3,3651.08%
17Prince George CABC24152.75%
18St. Catharines– Niagara Ontario21700.51%
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