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Religion in Virginia

Virginia had rich and diverse religious cultures, and the freedom to practice beliefs has helped give rise to a highly unique religious pluralism and freedom. Virginia is the US state with the 12th largest population, Christianity being the majority religion and Protestantism as its largest branch.

Since the 1990s, the religious share of Christians has decreased, while Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, and other religions have spread, mainly from immigration.

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Virginia Religion Percentage

Christianity is the main religion followed by 73% of the population. The largest Christian denomination in Virginia is Protestants (58%) followed by Roman Catholics (12%), Mormonism (2%), Eastern Orthodoxy (1%), and Jehovah’s Witnesses (<1%), and Other Christian.

About 20% of the population don’t follow or adhere to any faith or religion and the rest 6% follow other non-Christian-based religions.

Other Religions include Hinduism (1%), Buddhism (1%), Jews (1%), Islam (1%), and other smaller faiths.

Christianity 73%
 – Protestantism – 57%
 – Roman Catholicism – 12%
 – Mormonism -2%
 – Eastern Orthodoxy – 1%
 – Jehovah’s Witnesses – <1%
 – Other Christian – <1%
Other Religion 
  Judaism 1%
  Islam 1%
  Buddhism 1%
  Hinduism 1%
  Other religion 1%
  No religion 20%
  Don’t know 1%

Source: Pew Research Center

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Christianity in Virginia

Christianity with 73% followers is the largest in Virginia. All Protestant denominations accounted for 58% of the population and Catholics are 12%. Rest include Mormons,  Eastern Orthodoxy, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and other smaller denominations. 

Of the Protestants in the state, Evangelical Protestants compose 30% of the population, Mainline Protestants 16%, and Historically Black Protestants 12%.

Christianity AffiliationsPercentage
Protestantism 58%
– Evangelical Protestant– 30%
– Mainline Protestant– 16%
– Historically Black Protestants– 12%
Roman Catholicism 12%
Mormonism 1%
Eastern Orthodoxy 1%
Jehovah’s Witnesses <1%
Other Christians 1%
Protestantism in Virginia

Among Christians in Virginia, Protestantism is the largest group comprising about 58% of the state’s population. Protestantism in the United States has branched out into several branches, denominations, and various interdenominational and related movements. 

Protestants by tradition can be further classified into three main denominations. Evangelical is the largest and followed by 30% of the population, Next are Mainline Protestants (16%) and historically black Protestant (12%)

Protestants Affiliation% of  population
Evangelical Protestant30%
Mainline Protestant16%
Black church12%

Protestantism is also comprised of numerous denominational families (e.g., Baptist, Methodist, and Pentecostal) that fit into one or more of the traditions. According to the Association of Religion Data Archives in 2020, The Protestant church with the most adherents in Virginia is as follows

#Religious BodiesTraditionFamilyAdherents
1Non-denominational ChurchesEvangelical Other Groups 723,632
2Southern Baptist ConventionEvangelical Baptist 663,951
3United Methodist ChurchMainline Methodist 409,558
4Episcopal ChurchMainline Anglican/Episcopal 99,669
5Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)Mainline Presbyterian/Reformed 77,505
6Assemblies of GodEvangelical Pentecostal 69,335
7National Baptist ConventionBlack Baptist 62,153
8Evangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaMainline Lutheran 44,193
9Christian Churches and Churches of ChristEvangelical Restorationists 42,812
10American Baptist Churches in the U.S.A.Mainline Baptist 38,985

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Catholics in Virginia

Catholic Church at 12 % of the state population is the second largest religious grouping, after Protestantism. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Arlington includes most of Northern Virginia’s Catholic churches, while the Diocese of Richmond covers the rest.  

According to the Association of Religion Data Archives in 2020, the number of members affiliated with Catholic religious bodies in Virginia is 888,163 which is highest among all religion affiliations.

Since the 1990s, the religious share of Christians has decreased, while Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, and other religions have spread, mainly from immigration. Other Religions include Hinduism (1%), Buddhism(1%), Jews (1%), Islam (1%), and other smaller faiths.

Fairfax Station, Virginia is the site of the Ekoji Buddhist Temple, the Jodo Shinshu school, and the Hindu Durga Temple. Sterling is the home of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society, which, with its eleven satellite branches, considers itself the second-largest Muslim mosque community in the country. While the state’s Jewish population is small, organized Jewish sites date to 1789 with Congregation Beth Ahabah. 

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Note: The US census does not contain questions about one’s religious affiliation. Our Article is based on surveys conducted by various institutions and agencies.

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