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Indiana Population by Race and Ethnicity

Indiana, the seventeenth-largest U.S. state by population has a racially and ethnically diverse population. As of 2020, White (Non-Hispanic) are the largest group in Indiana followed by Hispanic or Latino Americans. 

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Ethnic and Racial Composition

In 2020, the White alone (non-Hispanic) population was the largest racial or ethnic group in Indiana, comprising 75.47% of the total population. It was followed by the Black or African American population whose share was 9.39%.

Hispanic or Latino was the third largest group at 8.17%. Two or more races are at 3.91% & Asian population is at 2.46%

The ethnic composition of  Indiana is as follows

Race and OriginPopulationPercentage
White alone5,121,00475.47%
Black or African American alone637,5009.39%
Hispanic or Latino554,1918.17%
two or more races265,3443.91%
Asian alone166,6512.46%
Some Other Race alone25,1390.37%
American Indians and Alaska Native alone12,9380.19%
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islanders alone2,7610.04%

Source: US Census 2020

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*US Census recognized five racial categories (White, Black or African American, Asian American, American Indian/Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander) as well as people of two or more races. It also classified respondents as "Hispanic or Latino" or "Not Hispanic or Latino", identifying Hispanic and Latino as an ethnicity (not a race), which comprises the largest minority group in the nation.

Ancestry in Indiana

As per Census Studies and estimate German, Irish, English, American, and Polish have made the five largest ancestry groups in Indiana. 

The Largest Ancestry in Indiana is as follows

7French (except Basque)125,1401.9%
10Subsaharan African61,5670.9%
21French Canadian15,2410.2%
26West Indian7,1490.1%

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European ancestry in Indiana

Non-Hispanic Whites account for nearly 75.4% of Indiana’s population. German, Irish, and English Americans have made up three of the largest European ancestry groups in Indiana. As per the Census report, German Americans made up 19.4% of the population and numbered 1,308,192 members.

Irish Americans made up 10.0% of the population and numbered 674,573. English Americans made up 8.3% of the population and numbered 556,864 followed by Polish ancestry at 3.0% of the population and number 203,042.

For other European ancestry percentages please refer table above.

African Americans in Indiana

The largest minority group in Indiana are Blacks and African Americans. As of 2020, those of African ancestry accounted for 9.39% of Indiana’s population.

Hispanics and Latinos in Indiana

Hispanics and Latinos are the third-largest groups in Indiana. Around 8.17%  of Indiana’s Population claims Hispanic or Latin American ethnicity.  

Asian Americans in Indiana

Asian Americans are a minority group in Indiana. Americans of Asian descent formed 2.46% % of the population. Its ethnic Asian population has grown rapidly since the late 1990s; the majority are Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, and Korean.

Multi-Race in Indiana

Multiracial individuals are also a visible minority in Indiana. People identifying as multiracial form 3.91% of the population, and number around 404,910 people. 

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