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Montenegro Population 2024

Montenegro is a country in Southeastern Europe. Earlier it was part of Yugoslavia & in 1992 the republics of Serbia and Montenegro together proclaimed a federation. In May 2006, Montenegro declared its independence, and the confederation peacefully dissolved.

According to the Statistical Office of Montenegro, the Population of Montenegro as of 1st January 2021 is 620,739 ( 0.62 million) & As per the World Population Prospects, by the United Nations, the population of Montenegro in 2022 is 627,951 (0.62 million)

Population of Montenegro  in 2024 – 0.63 million 

 Montenegro 2022 Population
Total Population628,062 (0.62 million)
Europe Rank37
Share of World Pop.0.01%
Land Area 13,452 sq.km (5,194 sq. mi)
Area Rank37
Pop. Density121 people per mi2 (47/sq. km)
Urban Population68%
Fertility Rate1.75
Infant mortality rate2.3
Median Age  38.8 Years
Life Expectancy 77.39 years
 Capital CityPodgorica

Source: World Population Prospects 2019

Religion in Montenegro

Christianity is the majority religion in the Montenegro and 76% of the population follow Christianity. Eastern Orthodox Christianity is the dominant religion in Montenegro. Adherents of Eastern Orthodoxy in Montenegro are predominantly ethnic Montenegrins and Serbs. 72% of Montenegro  population follow Eastern Orthodox and rest 3.86% are catholic, protestants, etc.

Muslims form the largest minority religion in the country. Montenegro’s 118,477 Muslims make up 19.11% of the total population. Montenegro has the sixth-highest proportion of Muslims in Europe, after Kosovo (96%), Turkey (90%), Albania (60%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (51%), and North Macedonia (34%), and the third highest proportion among Slavic countries, behind only Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia.

Muslims in Montenegro are divided into two main groups, and further subgroups: Bosnian-speaking ethnic Bosniak Muslims, Montenegrin-speaking ethnic Montenegrin Muslims, Other Slavic Muslims,  Albanian-speaking ethnic Albanian Muslims and Romani people.

3.31% people do not affiliate with any religion or irreligious and other religion are at 1.55%.

Religion percentage in Montenegro

  • Christianity – 75.93% 
    — 72.07% Eastern Orthodoxy
    — 3.86% Other Christian
  •  Islam – 19.21%
  • No religion – 3.31% 
  •  Others – 1.55%

Source: Wikipedia

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