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Moldova Population 2024

Moldova, officially the Republic of Moldova, is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. As per the National Bureau of Statistics, the estimated population of Moldova in 2022 is 2,597,100 (2.6 million) and the estimated population in 2024 is 2.7 million.

Moldova 2022 Census 
Total Population2,597,100 (2.6 million)
Europe Rank28th
Land Area 32,891 sq. km (12,699 sq. mi)
Area Rank32
Pop. Density(318 people per mi2) 123/sq. km
Urban Population42.7%
Fertility Rate1.26
Infant mortality rate 10.6
Median Age 37.6  Years
Life Expectancy 72.30 years
 Capital CityChișinău

Source: National Bureau of Statistics, Moldova

Religion in Moldova

The majority of the people living in Moldova follow Christianity, which is the main religion in the country. About 91% of the population identifies as Christian, with Eastern Orthodoxy being the primary denomination followed by a small number of Roman Catholics and other churches. A minority of around 5.5% do not associate themselves with any religion, while the rest follow other religions or have not specified their religious beliefs. 

To break it down further, among Christians, 90.1% follow Eastern Orthodoxy and 1.7% follow other Christian denominations. Those who do not identify with any religion make up 5.5% of the population, while 2.4% have not specified their religious beliefs and 0.3% follow other religions.

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Moldova Population 2024 | Religion in Moldova
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