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Holy See Population 2024

The Holy See, also called the See of Rome, is the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Rome, known as the Pope, which includes the apostolic episcopal see of the Diocese of Rome with universal ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the worldwide Catholic Church, as well as a sovereign entity of international law, governing the Vatican City.

As a sovereign entity, the Holy See is headquartered in, operates from, and exercises “exclusive dominion” over the independent Vatican City State enclave in Rome of which the pope is sovereign. As per the World Population Prospects, 2019 by the United Nations, the population of Holy See  in 2024 is 808

Holy See 2024 Population
Total Population 808
Europe Rank 48
Land Area  0.49 km2 (0.19 sq mi)
Area Rank 48
Pop. Density 924 people/sq. km
Capital City Vatican City

Source: World Population Prospects 2019

Holy See Population 2024