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Bahamas Population 2024

The Bahamas, known officially as the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, is a country within the Lucayan Archipelago of the West Indies in the Atlantic.  As per the UN World Population Prospects report, the population of the Bahamas in 2024 is 415,222 (415 thousand)

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Bahamas 2024 Estimates
Total Population415,222
Caribbean Rank7
Land Area 10,010 sq. km (3,860 sq. mi)
Area Rank155
Pop. Density39 people/sq. km
Capital CityNassau

Source: UN World Population Prospects

Religion in Bahamas

The Bahamas  population is predominantly Christian. Among Christians Protestant  have largest number of adherents followed by Catholics.

According to 2010 Census Protestant account for 80% of the population, with Baptists representing 35% of the population, Anglicans 15%, Pentecostals 8%, Church of God 5%, Seventh-day Adventists 5% and Methodists 4%. Roman Catholic community accounting for about 14.50%. Other Christians are 1.30% mainly Jehovah’s Witness.

There are also smaller communities of Jews, Muslims, Baháʼís, Hindus, Rastafarians and practitioners of traditional African religions such as Obeah.

Religion in Bahamas is as follows

Religion/ AffiliationsPercentage
 Protestant  80%
 Roman Catholic 14.50%
 Other Christian 1.30%
 Unaffiliated 3.10%
 Other religion 1.10%

Source: Pew Research Agency

Race and Ethnicity in Ecuador

Ecuador is a multi-ethnic nation, home to people of different races, ethnicity, and national backgrounds.

According to  2010 Census questionnaire, 90.6% of the population identified themselves as being Black, 4.7% White and 2.1% of a Mixed (African and European). 

Africans or Afro-Bahamians have been the largest ethnic group in The Bahamas, whose primary ancestry was based in West Africa. 

The white population are mainly the descendants of the English and Americans.  A small portion of the Euro-Bahamian population are Greek Bahamians.

The racial composition is as follows

African descent90.6%

Source: 2010 estimates

Bahamas Population 2024 | Religion in Bahamas
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