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Albania Population 2024

Albania, officially the Republic of Albania, is a country in Southeastern Europe.  According to the Institute of Statistics, The population of Albania on 1st January 2023 was 2,761,785 inhabitants, experiencing a decrease of 1.1 % compared to 1st January 2022. The estimated population of Albania in 2024 is 2.7 million.

Albania Demography
Albania 2023 Census
Total Population2,761,785
Europe Rank30
Land Area 27,398 Km2 (10,579 sq. miles)
Area Rank34
Pop. Density272 people per mi2 (105 people/sq. km)
Urban Population63.5 %
Fertility Rate1.62
Infant mortality rate 7.2
Median Age  36.4 Years
Life Expectancy 78.96 years
Capital CityTirana

Source: Institute of Statistics, Albania 

Religion in Albania

Albania is a secular and religiously diverse country with no official religion. Islam is the largest religion and is followed by 58.79% of the population, the majority of the Muslim population is Sunni in Albania.

Christianity is the second largest religion and is followed by 17% of the population. Among Christians 10% of Albanians are Catholic and 7% follow Eastern Orthodoxy. The remaining portion of the population is either unaffilated/ irreligious or belongs to other religious groups.

Religion in Albania

Sunni Islam 56.70%
Bektashi 2.09%
– Roman Catholicism 10.03%
– Eastern Orthodoxy  6.75%
– Other Christians 0.14%
Unaffiliated/ No religion   7.99% 
Undeclared 13.79%
Top Cities in Albania by Population

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Albanian Diaspora

People of Albanian ancestry form an important group in several countries in North and South America. They trace their ancestry to the territories with a large Albanian population in the Balkans among others to Albania, Italy, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Montenegro.

The Albanian diaspora is large and continues to grow, with Albanians now present in significant numbers in numerous countries, primarily in Europe and the Americas. The largest communities of the Albanian diaspora in the Americas are particularly found in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, and Canada,

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Albania Population 2024 | Religion in Albania
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