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List of Cities and Counties in Maine

Discover Maine population facts easily with our list of counties and cities. Find out how many people live in each area, from big cities to small towns, and see how Maine population is spread out across the state.

Maine Counties by Population

A county is an administrative subdivision of a US state or territory. As of 2022, Maine is divided into 16 counties. 

The average population of Maine counties is 85,765; Cumberland  County is the most populous (305,231) and Piscataquis County is the least (17,165). The average land area is 2211 sq mi. The largest county is Aroostook County (6,829 sq mi) and the smallest is Sagadahoc County (370 sq mi). The most densely populates county in Maine is Cumberland with a density of 251 people per sq. mile.

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#CountyPopulation 2021Area (sq. mi.)Density (people/sq. mi.)
1Cumberland County305,2311,217250.81
2York County214,5911,271168.84
3Penobscot County152,7653,55642.96
4Kennebec County124,486951130.90
5Androscoggin County111,034497223.41
6Aroostook County66,8596,8299.79
7Oxford County58,6292,17526.96
8Hancock County56,1922,35123.90
9Somerset County50,5924,09512.35
10Knox County41,0841,14235.98
11Waldo County39,91285346.79
12Sagadahoc County37,071370100.19
13Lincoln County35,82870051.18
14Washington County31,1213,2559.56
15Franklin County29,6871,74417.02
16Piscataquis County17,1654,3773.92

Source: US Census report 2021

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Top Cities in Maine by population

Maine is divided into 16 counties and contains 483 municipalities consisting of cities, and towns. As of 2022, Maine has 23 incorporated cities and 430 towns. The most populated city in Maine is Portland followed by Lewiston and Bangor. 

Let’s have a look at the top Cities in Maine by population

4South Portland26,498

Source: US Census 2020

Most Populous Counties in Maine

The most populous county in Maine is Cumberland  County with 305,231 residents. Its followed by York County (214,591) and Penobscot County (152,765)

Let’s have a look at the most populous counties

#CountyPopulation 2021
1Cumberland County305,231
2York County214,591
3Penobscot County152,765
4Kennebec County124,486
5Androscoggin County111,034
Least Populated Maine County

The least populous county is Piscataquis County with 17,165 residents, it’s followed by Franklin County and Washington County.

Let’s have look at the least populated counties in Maine

#CountyPopulation 2021
1Piscataquis County17,165
2Franklin County29,687
3Washington County31,121

source: US Census 2021

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Largest counties in Maine by area

The Largest county by Land Area in Maine is Aroostook County with an area of 6,829 sq. miles. Piscataquis County with an area of 4,377 sq. mi. comes next followed by Somerset County (4,095 sq. mi.)

Let’s have a look at the Top counties by Area

#CountyArea (sq. mi.)
1Aroostook County6,829
2Piscataquis County4,377
3Somerset County4,095
4Penobscot County3,556
5Washington County3,255

Smallest County in Maine by area

The smallest county by area in Maine is Sagadahoc County with an area of 370 square miles.

#CountyArea (sq. mi.)
1Sagadahoc County370
2Androscoggin County497
3Lincoln County700

source: US Census report 2021

Most Densely populated Counties in Maine

The most densely populated county in Maine is Cumberland  County, with 250 people per sq. mi. Next comes Androscoggin county with 223 people per sq. mi. followed by York county (169/ sq.mi)

Let’s have a look at the most densely populated counties

#CountyDensity (people/sq. mi.)
1Cumberland County250.81
2Androscoggin County223.41
3York County168.84
Least Densely Populated County in Maine

Piscataquis County with a population density of just 3.92 people per sq. miles is the least densely populated county in Maine.

#CountyDensity (people/sq. mi.)
1Piscataquis County3.92
2Washington County9.56
3Aroostook County9.79
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